Nootropics are compounds that help your brain function better. With nootropics you can perform better at sports or on the work floor. Nootropics can help you get more out of life. FLVX contains the correct proportion of nootropics to allow your brain to perform optimally.

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Synthetic and Natural Nootropics

Nootropics can either be natural or synthetic. Synthetic nootropics are not found in nature and often have a strong effect on your cognition. However, these synthetic nootropics generally cause more side effects than natural nootropics. Natural nootropics are generally safer and more accessible to use. For that reason, FLVX only contains natural nootropics.


Effects of Nootropics

Nootropics influence your brain through many different mechanisms. It is important that you use the right synergistic combination of nootropics and only scientifically proven nootropics. This can reduce mental fatigue and increase reaction time and productivity. FLVX contains a combination of substances that are scientifically validated.

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Nootropics that give your brain a boost

FLVX ensures that your brain can perform optimally. It contains the correct mix of natural and scientifically proven nootropics.

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