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What are nootropics and what are the benefits?

Nootropics are becoming increasingly popular. In Silicon Valley they are a trending topic and in Europe nootropics are becoming more and more popular and well known. In England, 25% of the students at the top four universities reported that they use nootropics whilst studying. Nootropics increase your concentration and productivity. On the work floor, nootropics are also becoming increasingly well known. Harvard Business Review predicts: “Like it or not, smart drugs are coming to the office.” But what exactly are nootropics? Do they achieve the desired effect? Are they safe? And especially important; what are the benefits of nootropics?


What are nootropics?

“Nootropic” is a word devised by the Romanian chemist Cornelie Giurgea in the 20th century. Roughly translated this means “bending the intellect”. Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive functions and are suitable for long-term use. In short: they improve the functioning of your brain.

Most people consume some nootropics on a daily basis, the best-known example being caffeine. But also L-theanine (occurs in tea) and B-vitamins have positive effects on the functioning of the brain and thus fall into the category nootropics.

There are many different nootropics and you can split them broadly into two categories: natural and synthetic nootropics. Natural nootropics are substances that occur in nature or in your body. Synthetic nootropics are substances that are made in a pharmaceutical way, and do not occur in the body or in nature. At FLVX we use only natural nootropics.


How do nootropics work?

There are many different mechanisms in your brain that are affected by nootropics. Some nootropics affect the balance of neurotransmitters in your brain to promote the transmission of electrical signals between your neurons. As a result, you process information faster and you can concentrate better.
Other nootropics prevent damage to the nerves, so that your brain continues to function well in the long term. There are also nootropics that improve blood circulation in the brain, giving it more ‘power’.
Given that there are many different nootropics, each with its own specific effect, this article is too short to go into detail about how they each work in the brain. Want to know more about how exactly specific Nootropics work in the brain? Read more about natural nootropics and synthetic nootropics.

Are nootropics safe?

Nootropics are substances with “minimal side effects”. In general, nootropics are safe: 95% of natural nootropics have been labeled as safe by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (DFCPSA). Synthetic nootropics are often classified as medications, and in some cases cause side effects. Because of this they are not always allowed by the DFCPSA to be used in consumer product. In the FLVX products only natural nootropics are used.

What are the benefits of nootropics?

Nootropics therefore improve your cognitive ability and provide, for example, better concentration, better memory or the ability to think ‘faster’. This can help you to do tasks more effectively, faster or better. When you use your time efficiently, you can get more out of life.


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