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“During my master’s thesis I spent a lot of long days studying and I noticed that my concentration and motivation was often lacking. I do not drink coffee, Redbull is unhealthy and Ritalin is even worse. So I was really looking for a product that could replace the others and help me concentrate longer and help my brain work optimally. Then I ran into FLVX! At first I was a bit skeptical of course, because it is and remains a pill, but after a lengthy explanation of the ingredients on the website I thought: I have to try this! And … with results! I can focus much longer on the goals that I set for myself in advance, I am not as easily distracted (using my phone, surfing the web or taking the umpteenth break) and I feel really productive after a day with FLVX! I would recommend it to everyone! “



“My colleague and I both tried FLVX at work in the past 2 weeks and we both really liked it! Here are the advantages that we both have experienced at a glance:

– longer “in the flow” with demanding tasks needing extreme alertness
– easier to 100% actively listen to input from other people
– easier to filter out background noise
– no need to snack for 5 hours – probably because of more focus / less distraction
– avoid after-lunch dip when it is taken at around 11.30 AM, so higher productivity!

If we want to get a lot done then we now know who is always there for us .. Mr.FLVX!”


“I was pleasantly surprised by the FLVX products, I am normally quite skeptical about these types of products, but it has really helped me to concentrate longer while studying. The FLVX pills work better for me than the cans of energy drink I usually have to drink to stay awake and focused. I would recommend this product to everyone, no matter how skeptical they are. This product has turned me into a regular customer.”



“Whilst coffee makes me jittery, the use of 1 capsule of FLVX gives me a calm energy so that I can get my work done with a relaxed vibe and without getting stressed.”


“Some time back I ordered myself some FLVX since I was quite curious. I noticed that after consumption I had been sharp and immersed in my work for quite some hours. A brilliant product!”



“To be honest, at first I was quite skeptical about this concept: how is a pill, not prescribed by a doctor, supposed to make my brain work better without consequences? Despite the prejudices I had, I wanted to try something in an extremely busy time that I had with my business. Deadlines are deadlines after all. I am sitting behind my computer all day and thanks to FLVX I am productive all day long and I can focus well for longer periods on important details. I recommend that all of my friends and colleagues try it at least once. The only think I have difficulty with is swallowing the slightly larger tablets (a practical thing). But the effectiveness of FLVX is far above my expectations. Keep up the awesome work guys! “


“I have now used the FLVX products twice and both times it made a positive impression on me. What started as a slow, sleepy morning with a heavy head turned into an afternoon in which I felt great. It helped me with a pitch to one of our customers and I’m definitely planning to use FLVX more often, keep it up guys!”



“I was drinking the night before so I could not concentrate very well the next day, but fortunately I still had FLVX, so I was still productive. It felt like a good working day! You feel your concentration and focus improve, but also that your short term memory is more reliable, this often isn’t the case when you are hungover.”

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Want to get more out of your brain? The nootropics from FLVX have been scientifically proven to increase alertness and relaxation, so that you are in the ideal state to get things done.

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