Our Mission

We believe that you can get more out of life when your brain is working optimally: You get more done, you enjoy what you do more and feel less stressed. Nootropics can help with this. With our products we want to help more people achieve the ‘flow state’: a state in which you fully engage in an activity and use the full capacity of your brain. This feels good and is also productive.

It is our mission to make nootropics accessible to everyone in Europe. At the moment, nootropics are still relatively unknown. We want to change this by first showing people and helping them understand how nootropics can help them get more out of life. Secondly, we have developed accessible, effective and scientifically based products. This is how we pland to make nootropics accessible for you.




Jesse is the brain behind our products. For years he has been working on optimising his brain and body. He also makes sure that all our customers are happy customers and that all the finances are in order. He is in the gym 5 times a week and loves Dubstep.




Wimme is responsible for the overview: are we taking the right steps? Are we on schedule? As CEO, he ensures that everyone in the company is going in the right direction. In addition, he is ultimately responsible for marketing, sales and the website. Fun fact: every night he monitors the effectiveness of his sleep with a special headband.