It is our mission to make your brain perform optimally

We believe that with an optimally functioning brain you get more out of your day. You get more done, enjoy what you do more and experience less stress.
For 8 years we have been dealing with the question: how do you become as effective and productive as possible?
The answer begins and ends with the most complex organ; the brain. What we have discovered is that you achieve the most efficient results if your brain receives the right input.
However, we've noticed that for many people it is still completely unknown which inputs give the most optimal results…

For this exact reason it has become our mission at FLVX to develop products that give your brain the right input, so that you can achieve optimal results in your life.

Brain performance supplements you can rely on

Brain performance supplements you can rely on

Backed by science

All our products are carefully formulated based on scientific studies. We only choose ingredients that have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on brain functions.

Completely transparent

We are super excited about our products, but even more excited about consciously dealing with what you put in your body. That's why at FLVX we are always 100% transparent about our products; what's in it and how much? Where is it produced? What's the addition for your brain?

Natural & safe

FLVX only uses natural substances that meet the strict requirements of the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority).

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How do our products work?

Learn more about "Nootropics"

FLVX products contain "nootropics": substances that make your brain function better. You already know the most famous nootropic, which is actually caffeine. However, there are many more natural substances that increase mental performance. We have brought together the nootropics with proven effects for you in scientifically designed formulas for optimal concentration and increased mental performance.

Learn more about the science behind FLVX products

There is a scientific basis behind each of the ingredients in our products. Our mission has always been to make products that not only promise things, but also really work. During the design and formulation of our products, we therefore delved deeply into science to see which functions in your brain need support to perform optimally, and which substances have a proven, positive effect on those brain functions. 

In the articles below we have explained exactly what it does to your brain and body for each ingredient of our products, why that is necessary and we talk about the scientific studies behind the ingredients.

Learn more about optimizing your mental performance

Our mission is to help you take your mental performance to the highest level. And that doesn't stop with supplements. From the same knowledge and science on which our supplements are based, a lot of other interesting methods emerge to positively influence your brain and body.

This concept of looking at how to optimize your body from a biological point of view is called “Biohacking”, and is a subject that the founders of FLVX have been working on for over 10 years.

We learned a lot of things in that time. And we want to share it with you! Every week we write about methods to improve your mental and physical performance by tapping into your personal biology. 

All these "biohacks" are not only based on the latest science, but also tested by ourselves and in many cases are applied daily by our team to optimize our own performance.