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How do our products work?

FLVX boosts your mental performance.

FLVX contains 'nootropics': substances that make your brain function better. The best known nootropic is caffeine. However, there are many more natural substances that increase mental performance. We have brought together the nootropics with proven effect for you in 1 product: FLVX.


Carefully compiled based on scientific studies. Only contains substances with proven positive effects on mental performance.

Natural ingredients

FLVX only uses natural substances that meet the strict requirements of the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority).


We are 100% transparent about our products: what exactly is in them and how much, where they are produced and how they optimize your brain.

Our mission

Making nootropics accessible

We at FLVX (pronounced 'Flux') believe that with nootropics you can get more out of life: You get more done, have more fun in what you do and less stress. That is why we develop accessible, easy to use and proven effective nootropic products.